BetterWorldians Radio today announced that Raymond Arroyo, author of Mother Angelica Her Grand Silence, is a featured guest on the online show and podcast ( BetterWorldians Radio inspires listeners with the people and ideas that are making the world a better place.

Arroyo discussed his new book, Mother Angelica Her Grand Silence, with BetterWorldians Radio co-hosts Ray and MarySue Hansell. Arroyo told listeners about his friendship with Mother Angelica, the beloved, wise cracking nun who founded EWTN, the world’s largest religious media empire. He discussed how, despite facing many hardships, Mother Angelica touched the lives of millions.

Arroyo said, “She had everything going against her, really. Her witness and her network are a testament to the power of faith and the deep ability to channel pain into what God wants it to be: something good and a blessing for others.”

BetterWorldians Radio co-host Ray Hansell said, “Mother Angelica was truly a great BetterWorldian. She was a broadcasting pioneer and lived an exemplary life of sacrifice and faith. I believe our listeners will really enjoy hearing Raymond’s first hand stories about his friend, Mother Angelica.”

Listen to the episode featuring Raymond Arroyo at

About BetterWorldians Radio:

BetterWorldians Radio is an online show and podcast available at BetterWorldians Radio is hosted by Ray, MarySue and Gregory Hansell, the family team that created the popular game on Facebook, A Better World. This game rewards players for doing good deeds while helping to raise money and awareness for charities. Over 4 million people have performed over 40 million good deeds in A Better World to date. BetterWorldians Radio is produced in Wayne, PA.

About Raymond Arroyo:

Raymond Arroyo, author of the New York Times bestseller Mother Angelica, is the news director and lead anchor of EWTNews. As creator and host of the news magazine The World Over Live, he is seen in more than 100 million households each week. He has worked at the Associated Press and the New York Observer, and for the political columnist team of Evans and Novak. His work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, and many other publications. He lives in northern Virginia with his wife and three children.

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