The idea that games can make a positive impact on the world is near and dear to our hearts at BetterWorldians Foundation. As you probably know, BetterWorldians Radio is brought to you by A Better World, an uplifting virtual world game on Facebook, created by the Hansell family. A Better World encourages social good, positive mindsets, and giving to social causes to make a positive difference in the world. So we were particularly excited to talk this week to Susanna Pollack, the President of Games for Change, a non-profit that empowers game creators and social innovators to drive real-world impact through games. Listen to the new episode here.

Did you know that games are played by two out of every three American households and that the average gamer is 40 years old? It really drives home the point the gaming is for everyone, and the good news is, gaming can have some really positive benefits.

According to Susanna, even just your average game can help players learn to master skills, collaborate, and think strategically. Susanna says, “There are a lot of benefits inherent in playing games, period.” Games that are designed for change take it to the next level.

On this episode, Susanna chats with Greg about how games can increase mental wellness, build empathy, and even improve physical health. “The experience of playing a game transports you into your better self,” says Susanna.

One that really jumped out at me is a game created by Hopelab called Re-Mission, a video game that helps young cancer patients with treatment compliance. The game has helped over 135,000 patients adhere to their cancer treatments and gain a greater sense of personal empowerment and control over their disease.

That’s just one of the many examples Susanna shares about how games are making the world a better place. Tune in to learn more.