Like it or not, negotiating is a part of all of our lives. Whether it’s something as small as deciding how to spend family night or as big as two countries with conflicting interests, we can all benefit by being better negotiators.

Our guest this week on BetterWorldians Radio is former diplomat, author, and motivational speaker, John Graham. John is an expert at negotiations and finding common ground, which he explains this way:

Finding common ground with other people does not mean finding absolute agreement. Common ground is shareable ground whose boundaries are marked by a range of actions that all can live with. You and your neighbor may not vote for the same political candidate, for example, but your shared belief in elections, free speech, and the democratic process is common ground.”

One of my favorite tips John shares is to “look below the waterline.” John explains how conflicts are like icebergs, and the biggest piece of the conflict is almost always below the waterline, the things we don’t like to talk about (like self-confidence, fear, or prejudices). John explains how to look below the waterline and what we can gain by doing so.

Tune in to this episode of BetterWorldians Radio to hear John share these tips and more, as well as the moment of clarity that led him to change his life.

Also, check out these two great article from John for more tips on Finding Common Ground and Resolving Conflict:

PS. Note that this episode that was recorded before the most recent Super Bowl (which our team, the Philadelphia Eagles won, but we won’t get into that!).