Just because someone disagrees with you, does that make them a bad person? Of course not, but you might think so given the political division following the 2016 election.

“We were concerned that people were seeing their political opponents not just as people they disagreed with ideologically or on an issue, but as fundamentally bad people,” says Ciaran O’Connor, Director of Public Engagement for Better Angels, a national citizens' movement to reduce political polarization in the United States by bringing liberals and conservatives together.

Ciaran is our guest this week on BetterWorldians Radio and he’s talking to Greg, MarySue, and Ray about how Better Angels has been working to help bring Americans with different belief systems together.

Ciaran’s tells guests how Better Angels enlisted a marriage counselor to sit down with ten people with very different viewpoints in Ohio and how the meeting helped them see each other not as the enemy, but as fellow human beings.

I enjoyed hearing Ciaran’s tips for how to discuss touchy subjects with people with different viewpoints and whether he thinks civil discussions are really a realistic goal on social media.

Tune in to hear Ciaran discuss these topics and more this week on BetterWorldians Radio (click here to listen).