BetterWorldians Radio today announced a special Valentine’s Day episode with the man that plays the Phillie Phanatic, Tom Burgoyne, and Evan Marcus, his co-author on the book Pheel the Love. BetterWorldians Radio is a podcast that inspires listeners with the people and ideas that are making the world a better place (

Burgoyne and Marcus talk about how the Phillie Phanatic approaches every day, and every situation, with love and how business leaders can do the same to create strong, successful companies. Burgoyne and Marcus share funny anecdotes about professional sports’ favorite mascot and how his antics are actually rooted in love.

“There are a lot of ways the Phanatic shows love. You have to notice little things and then act on it. That’s what the Phanatic does best. He acts on every loving opportunity,” said Burgoyne.

BetterWorldians Radio co-host Ray Hansell said anyone looking to grow a business should take time to listen to the interview and hear Tom and Evan’s wisdom.

“It’s amazing how something as simple, yet profound, as love can have such a positive impact on businesses. We can attest that the principles in Pheel the Love really do work to create loyal customers and happy employees, two integral components to a successful business,” said Ray Hansell.

Listen to the episode featuring Tom Burgoyne and Evan Marcus at

About BetterWorldians Radio:

BetterWorldians Radio is an online show and podcast available at BetterWorldians Radio is brought to you by the 501(c)(3) BetterWorldians Foundation and is co-hosted by the family team that created the popular social game on Facebook called A Better World ( This game rewards players for doing good deeds while helping to raise money and awareness for charities. Over 4 million people have performed over 40 million good deeds in A Better World to date. BetterWorldians Radio is produced in Wayne, PA.  

About Tom Burgoyne:

A certified Philadelphia sports nut, Tom started his life as the Phillie Phanatic in 1989 as a back-up and became the game day Phanatic in 1994. Tom not only appears as the Phanatic at all home games, but has traveled around the world bringing the Phanatic’s special brand of humor to sports fans everywhere. Tom is a prolific author and energetic speaker who encourages people to reach for the stars and make every moment count.

About Evan Marcus:

Evan has spent the last 25 years working hand-in-hand with leaders helping them to clarify their strategy, build powerful teams, and overcome barriers to success. A true teacher at heart, he teaches Executives on an individual and group basis. As a sought-out keynote speaker, Evan is on a mission to transform the world through business. He is also co-founder of Sounding Board, a prominent CEO group.

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