Podcast #145 — Aired February 26, 2018

What if disagreements could lead us to some of the best, most productive conversations? Our guest this week is Raffi Grinberg, Co-Director of OpenMind, a free, interactive, psychology-based platform designed to foster intellectual humility, empathy, and mutual understanding across a variety of differences. Raffi will walk our co-hosts through the new app and how it helps users to understand their biases and cultivate intellectual humility, while equipping them with the essential skills to discuss the most sensitive and difficult topics.

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Raffi Grinberg
Co-Director, OpenMind

Raffi Grinberg is the Co-Director of OpenMind and an educator and product manager. After graduating from Princeton, he worked as a management consultant at Bain & Company. He then managed the mental health product UpLift (an evidence-based self-help app for depression) and created DollarsEd (the app that teaches millennials everything they need to know about personal finance). He is the author of the published math textbook The Real Analysis Lifesaver and a part-time faculty member of Boston College.