#PeaceBegins with Kindness

We believe that #PeaceBegins with Kindness

This video launches our Campaign of Kindness across the country, a challenge for all people to share kindnesses with others. Small acts make a BIG difference, but the BIGGEST difference comes by doing kind acts for strangers—people you don’t know, people different than you, people with different backgrounds and even beliefs. Spread the love far and wide.


Positivity Through Kindness

Kindness is in short supply these days. Will you help make the world a better place? Are you a BETTERWORLDIAN?

We’re asking you to take 5 seconds of your day and Be A BetterWorldian: Smile. Let someone in front of you. Pick up something that someone has dropped. Listen intently. Empathize. Share. Give. Be kind.

The world is as divisive as we’ve seen it, but one way to stem the tide of negativity is through kindness. The award-winning social psychologist Dr. Barbara Fredrickson talks about “micro-moments of positivity”, the short and fleeting day-to-day experiences that have the power to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. A held door, a thumbs-up, a happy glance—research shows these small kindnesses have a cumulative effect on our emotional health and well-being.