Karen Beyer
Benefactor, Homeless Jesus

Karen Beyer is co-founder of Valley Forge Financial Group, which just celebrated 50 years in business. Karen commissioned a “Homeless Jesus” statue in honor of her late husband. Karen says she was drawn to the Homeless Jesus statue the moment she saw it and even more so when she learned the artist was inspired by Matthew 25:40 which says, "In truth I tell you in so far as you did to the least of my brothers of mine, you did it to Me." She donated the statue to the church and calls the day it was dedicated one of the most meaningful of her life.


Homeless Jesus
Podcast #137 — Aired October 9, 2017

Works of art can touch our hearts and inspire kindness, love, and charity. This week on BetterWorldians Radio we’re talking about “Homeless Jesus,” a life-size bronze statue of Jesus, shrouded in a blanket with his face covered and lying on a park bench, which was recently commissioned in Philadelphia. We are talking with the Karen Beyer, the statue’s benefactor, the artist Tim Schmalz, and the director of St. John’s Hospice, which was the recipient of the statue.


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