Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle
Author, Mother Teresa and Me

Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle is known to millions as the friendly face and soothing voice of Catholic motherhood. Her frequent appearances on radio and television, her many books, and her speaking engagements are the public face of a life devoted to seeking holiness in the context of a happy Catholic family. Donna-Marie’s decade-long friendship with Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta led to a long correspondence and meetings around the world. Following in the footsteps of Blessed Teresa, Donna-Marie became a lay Missionary of Charity and founded a branch of the lay Missionaries of Charity. Today, Donna-Marie is passionate about encouraging others to follow in the footsteps of her blessed friend, caring for the poorest of the poor.


Being a BetterWorldian Through Small Acts of Kindness
Podcast #4 — Aired October 31, 2013

To be a BetterWorldian, practice small acts of kindness. This week on BetterWorldians Radio we’ll focus on how listeners impact their own world with small acts of kindness and service, using Mother Teresa as an example. We speak with Donna-Marie O’Boyle, author of the book “Mother Teresa and Me.” O’Boyle discusses her ten year relationship with Mother Teresa and tells listeners the small things they can do to emulate this extraordinary person in their own lives. Tune in every week to hear new guests share how they are making the world a better place and to learn how you can become a BetterWorldian!


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